WOR Radio – “Joan Hamburg Show”

December 18, 2008

Transcript from 10am hour:


Joan Hamburg reviews PAL JOEY on Broadway

To listen, click here (hour 2)



By the way, it’s been very discombobulated, but Pal Joey, the Roundabout production….

Even though it has had various opening dates because the original lead, the actor from Jersey Boys, injured his leg.  It’s one of those “only on Broadway stories”…where the understudy, Matthew Risch, was given the role along with Stockard Channing & Martha Plimpton.  So, they changed the opening and the official opening is tonight but I went to see Pal Joey at Studio 54 last Saturday.   And of course how can you resist Richard Rodgers music, lyrics by Lorenz Hart, Richard Greenberg did the new book and of course it’s based on the John O’Hara book.  Roundabout does wonderful musicals.   They really do a good job.  And Pal Joey, like I said to my grown up children – you didn’t grow up the way I did with all these fabulous shows!  And these are the kinds of shows, when they bring them back, that you should see.  And Roundabout does a really good job.  And this show has lots of song and dance, lots of great songs all of you love.  “Are you My Love”, “Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered” … think about these songs, they’re absolutely fabulous.  “Zip”.  For example, Martha Plimpton who plays Gladys Bumps, Martha told me when we did the Roundabout remote – she is not a singer, she’s an actress. A serious actress.  She’s GREAT as Gladys!  Stockard Channing who plays Vera Simpson who gives Joey the money to open his club.. she is FABULOUS.  She is fabulous!  You know, it’s interesting, I read in today’s paper that Stockard Channing is.. ..well I forget how old she is but she isn’t young, I mean she wasn’t a kid, but… (someone tells her from the control booth)…64?  Wow, 64.  Boy she looks good.  She must be laying on the cream.  Wow.  But her lead, Matthew, who was the understudy and has been in other Broadway things – Legally Blonde & Chicago and lots of tours with stuff – is probably in his 20s!  But you were not aware of that at all and I’m sure they were worried that people would think that Stockard was too old or he’s too young, but NO.  Wonderful performances They were my favorites – Stockard & Martha.  I got a kick out of a lot of different people.  Wonderful costumes.  You gotta go see Pal Joey at Studio 54.  You’ll come out singing the songs and dancing in the streets.  How often do we do that with musicals today?  So, enjoy.


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